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Video Production

"Create your own visual style... Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others"

- Orson Welles

In this Age of Information, all eyes are on the screen. Visually compelling messages and powerful stories are defined not only by eye catching production values and the determination of brands - but the audience that shares them. How will you attract the attention of your audience?  Let me help you.


Video Editing

The secret to a great story is always in its telling, no matter what the subject. From short-form commercials to long-form docu-series', the difference between disseminating information and captivating an audience is in professionally edited content. Working in line with this principal, and the project brief, I will always create the greatest story possible from your vision. With over 15 years experience access to every major Non Linear Editing platform, I can integrate with any workflow to generate everything from assembly edits
to fine cut masters.


As online visual storytelling delivers messages at a phenomenal speed, NLEs and compositing platforms have evolved to deliver high end graphics faster than ever. What was once a time consuming and carefully considered technical process has been creatively expedited to meet the immediacy of modern consumers' needs. While these production modes may appear at odds with each other, 
I am a strong believer in both. With knowledge and access to every major NLE and compositing platform, I am able to provide everything from animated supers and motion graphics to rotoscoping, retouching and VFX at any resolution
in planar, VR and 3D spaces.



With the normalisation of HDR, 4K and higher, Ultra High Definition has become the new standard for stunning visual output. With all the hardware for optimal UHD monitoring and throughput, your vision can be colour corrected confidently, within range of sRGB and SDR Rec 709 up to HDR10 and P3 colour spaces. In offline editorial, Look Up Tables can be applied from tailored configurations or standard presets, as advised from your Camera Department. Full Grading sessions are undertaken in a strictly controlled light environment
and can be directed onsite or remotely as required.

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