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Media Management

"Good code is its own best documentation."

- Steve McConnell

With formats such as VR, UHD, DTS and ambisonic sound becoming commonplace across all levels of production, the necessity for fast efficient media management is crucial to your project's success. In generating content from dense volumes of data, the need for reliability and security is also essential. 
How is your media management workflow looking?  Let me help you.

Image by Florian Krumm
Editing & Post Production


From the moment your data is offloaded, Quality Control is absolute, as media is transcoded, assessed and assembled for preview through the offline editorial process. With security of raw data guaranteed via a redundant RAID backup, all proxies are stored on
local striped volumes for immediate access and revision, as the edit evolves. Editorial review may occur on site or remotely via file transfer or a video preview platform of your choosing. All audio assets are stored similarly, and available to both audio and video editing suites via the local network. Project management is always streamlined to fit with the finishing process through Online Editorial. This may occur either in house or externally, as required, via project archival or various interchange formats.


Once your edit or mix is in just the right place for finalisation, it's time to bring all your media online through the conforming, grading, mastering, restriping and exporting process. With onsite RAID storage via optical connections through the local network, full resolution can be quickly restored to locked offlines, composits, grades and supers via EDL, XML, CDL, STL, SRT or any interchange fomat. With knowledge and access to every major NLE, integration with any project output or archive is possible. Online editorial can occur flexibly across multiple platforms, as required, or consolidate within a single system. With knowledge and access to all major DAWs, I can also integrate with any project output or archive for audio mastering or audio post via AAF, OMF or XML interchange formats. Embedded or extracted metadata is always maintained for file integrity, archival and content aggregation. All deliverables are Quality Assured in accordance with required file specifications of enduser formats, broadcasting platforms, duplication services and archival system structures.

Shipping Boxes


The successful creation of content requires succinct delivery of media. While your final masters will always be optimised for on line distribution and social media platforms, legalisation of audio and video elements for on air broadcast and BVOD is also guaranteed.
Every form of deliverable media, from MPGs to DCPs can be sent straight to your chosen Digital Asset Delivery service with confidence. Archival of project assets, metadata and masters is available via cloud based storage, active or cold storage on a physical media format of your choice.

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