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Audio Production

“I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it.”

- Igor Stravinsky

In this Age of Information, while all eyes are on the screen, every ear listens for the truest feeling. Professional sound production is an expression of language that goes beyond words, chords, action or atmos. It harnesses emotion, speaking to an audience with excitement. An audience that will speak of their experience as enthusiastically as it has been felt. How will you speak to your audience?  Let me help you.


Sound Design

In the visual balancing act of black and white, chroma and luma, sound design mediates every moment. It punctuates every action with intention, as silence defines every pause with atmosphere. Whether your project requires an aural backdrop or an immersive auditory experience, all the tools and resources are at hand. From state of the art virtual synthesisers to professional processors and effects units, I will bring your story to life with the sonic sculpting it demands.


Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, just the right piece of music becomes a priceless part of telling the story. Especially when that music is a bespoke composition, given all the care and consideration that your audio visual journey deserves. Sometimes it takes more than the right bpm, mood or genre that library music has to offer, so why not encapsulate the tone of your project with a unique score?



Having collaborated with numerous bands in studios and live environments, I have a long working knowledge of Music in terms of recording, arranging, engineering and producing performers and recording artists. I know the creative and technical dynamics of Electronic and Acoustic instruments, Microphones, Consoles and Digital Audio Workstations. And with years of experience in Voice Over recording, ADR, Dialogue and Sound Effects Editing, Sound Design and Foley, I thoroughly understand how to navigate the moving parts of a mixing process. Given this knowledge base 
I can qualify to say that it all means nothing without heart. A great mix resonates with our existence, inspiring our life force,
and I will always feel the best way through your audio, at every level of production, to produce the truest sound.

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